»Innovation is always driven by money

Inside Mayfield Avenue 73: the home of POP X
Headline: The Show

»Two roommates, a frustrated student and a broke porn-cinema owner, have a groundbreaking idea that shall change computing forever.«

It is 1974 and something big is about to happen. Innovation is all around California. Especially on the elite Stanford Campus and the close research sight of Xerox.
George, student of Computer Sciences, can smell that and wants to be part of the world-changing group of scientists. The problem is: he lacks good ideas. Since George spends his entire money on his journey to success, he’s thrown out of his dorm and has to move in with Randy and his tacit third roomie Stacy.
Randy has been running the local adult theatre since he moved out from his mother’s home - 10 years ago. Since that day nothing remarkable happened, but he still dreams of a career as a big shot porn director.
To improve the success of „Pussy Paradise“ Randy and George invent the first online pop-up ad. Soon huge businesses realize the possible impact of this invention - sadly George and Randy don’t. They have to face the cruel companies behind the booming computer industry without even knowing what the hype is all about.

The Characters
Headline: Characters

»We meet an extraordinarily weird group of people, that grow to be the most innovative roommates of the century.«

Character George in POP X


is an eager student of computer science at Stanford University. His dreams are not of petty nature: he aims for changing the world - but doesn’t really know how. Something with computers, for sure.
He puts high hopes in imitating the life-style of groundbreaking scientists: LSD and his personal „creative space“ which he brings wherever he goes - a kinda worn down beanbag. He also loves instant noodles and is a huge fan of an obscure german energy drink.

Character Rand in POP X


is truly passionate about porn - because he never did anything else since he took over the cinema from his uncle ten years ago.
The smudgy image of porn pisses him off - that is why he wants to revolutionize the classic porn movie and establish it as a new, socially accepted art form.
He really likes weed and talking about his future as a big shot porn director - which is going to be glorious, obviously.

Character Stacy in POP X


is young, blonde and hot. She zealously meets all stereotypes and loves to play the role of a dumb-easy-to-get-girl. But she is a feminist, she claims. Most people don’t know she’s working hard on her PhD thesis in women studies.
She justifies acting in Randy’s private porn movies as being just another part of her crusade for women rights and gender equality.
She loves cherry-flavoured chewing gum and books with complicated titles.

The POP X Slate on set
Headline: Team

The 20+ people dedicating their free time to this extraordinary project may be even weirder than the characters.

Inspired by films like Boogie Nights and shows such as Halt and Catch Fire and Silicon Valley, a group of students from Hamburg, Germany came up with an idea based around the invention of the personal computer in the 1970s.
Combining the free spirit of the 70s and this totally revolutionary field, we created the idea for an absurd concept about the development of the first computers - and pornography. Two topics that belong together since the dawn of the internet a few years later. We thought: „How would it have changed computing if pornography would have been a key topic right from the beginning?
For now, the show is just an idea. We want to prove it’s potential with this proof-of-concept scene. We hope to convince people of the potential, so that this project might become a reality.

On Set of POP X On Set of POP X Director Jan Brinkmann on set of POP X Director of Photography Sebastian Ganschow on set of POP X On set of POP X Director of Photography Sebastian Ganschow on set of POP X On set of POP X On set of POP X
The POP X Team on set
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